“I created Clarins so that women could feel happier and more beautiful every day. Clarins products and application techniques are the fruit of 50 years of listening, dialogue and respect. At Clarins, you are loved, under-stood and listened to.”
Jacques Courtin-Clarins - Clarins Founder
“Taking time for a facial or body treatment is not necessarily a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. Now, feeling good about oneself begins by taking care of oneself. At Clarins, our mission has always been to ensure your well-being and to truly enhance every one’s beauty.”
Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins - Clarins Managing Director

To the heart of the deepest forest and the bottom of the deepest ocean, Clarins Research travels to the furthest corners of all five continents. This constant search for plants with the most powerful active ingredients has a single
goal: the beauty and well-being of women. Clarins Skin Spa invites you on a path to beauty. Embark on a unique journey of self-discovery.

They are the encounter of the natural benefits of botanicals with the magic of the hands in a perfect marriage of effective products and expert techniques. Experience this exclusive combination that will reveal your full beauty... for a firmer body, softer skin and the soothing balance of inner calm.

Discover our “Pro” formulas and let yourself be won over. These formulas contain a very high concentration of plant extracts for remarkable results, their textures are incredibly rich so that expert hands can express all of their power. And to make this moment of happiness last, you’ll find these marvelous formulas at home in their retail version.

You’ll take away much more than just well-being. You’ll be taking along a personalized beauty program. Your beauty therapist will listen to your needs and advise you. She’ll share with you application secrets and tips about making the most of your beauty and well-being. You’ll be able to prolong the benefits of your treatment for maximum beauty, longer.